Worship Time / Tiempo de alabar (bilingual)

For the past couple of months, I have had so much going on, so much so that I have placed worship in the back of my head. Worship has been part of my life forever, […]

Trip / Viajar (Bilingual)

While I’m getting ready for my upcoming trip, I suddenly thought that whether you are a planner or not, there is one thing you MUST have for your trip, plane tickets. Even though, you don’t […]

Feel Better/Sientete mejor (Bilingual)

We as women get so busy that there is not enough time for sleeping, to rest, or just to relax. We have such a long week of chores, work, family, etc., and at the same […]

Be Like Children/Ser como niños (Bilingual)

In Mexico, we have a date to celebrate all children which is April 30th. I love that we celebrate kids! As a teacher, I have observed that children at birth have an integrated attraction magnet […]

It Is For All! / ¡Es para todos! (Bilingual)

Yesterday, a homeless person asked us for money saying that she needed food for her kids. Even though, we think it wasn’t true we said; “we are giving you this money not because what you […]

What a Beautiful Sound/Que hermoso sonido (BILINGUAL

A few days ago, I went to the Musical Instrument Museum. There are many instruments there that I never knew existed. Each instrument is unique. Each has its own sound. But, when all the instruments […]

Because of YOU / Por Tí (Bilingual)

A long, long time ago, God though about YOU! He couldn’t stop thinking about YOU! He felt emptiness because of YOU! He couldn’t live without YOU! Why He couldn’t? Why are YOU so wanted by […]

Pasonki/Pasonki -Bilingual

Pasonki is a fun word to pronounce and learn. It means THANK YOU in Asháninka dialect spoken in Peru and Brazil. Pasonki is not only a normal (standard/regular) thank you word that comes from our […]

Do We Pay Attention? / ¿Ponemos atención? (Bilingual)

Few days ago, my spiritual director asked me, “How you have seen God in your life this month?” It is a great question to reflect on it for a moment! But, are we really going […]

Waiting For a Miracle / Esperando por un milagro (Bilingual

My life was ending at the age of 15 years old after a long battle with chronic asthma. My parents waited for a miracle to happen for many years. The doctors could not do anything […]