Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

I read something the other day that really dropped my jaw….

“The root causes of jealousy and envy are connected to a person’s inability to see what God has provided in their life and a lack of thankfulness.”

Wow! Doesn’t that just hit the nail on the head? When we are focused on what others have, we can’t see the blessings we have. When we think about the blessings we have, we are more grateful in our current situations.

When we are thankful, our focus moves from our selfish desires and refocuses us on our great God who is in control. It reminds us of the bigger picture. We have abundant life and innumerable blessings!

That’s one thing I LOVE about Thanksgiving. We get to surround ourselves with family and friends and share the ways God has blessed us this year. Even in the years where we don’t get to surround ourselves with family, or the years we can’t easily see our blessings, there are still things we can thank God for.

Take some time this week, as we prepare for Thursday, and write down the different ways you have seen God this year. I guarantee you, even if it is hard to start the list, you will find you can write more and more!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, ladies! Be thankful and be blessed!

Author: Heather Cook

Heather Cook is the Women's Ministry Coordinator at VC. She is married to her husband Tyler and together they have 3 beautiful daughters. They have attended and served at VC since 2013. Heather believes in encouraging women to be who God created them to be. She enjoys being a listening ear and a kind word for those around her. You can find her at @heyheathercook on any social media platform.

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