Bold Faith

March is Women’s History Month. As I take the time to read about some incredibly brave women, I am in awe of the things they have accomplished. There are some truly selfless things that these […]

Think Before You Speak

When you speak, are your words helpful? Encouraging? Edifying? Are they hurtful? Judgmental? Arrogant? The Bible teaches us so much about our words. It gives us instruction about how and when to speak. “Be quick […]

Just Out of Reach… For Now

I heard this analogy on the radio the other morning and it really stuck with me. When we have young kids around the house, we put those things of value up high and out of […]

No Pressure, No Diamonds

I used to live by the narrative of “no pressure, no diamonds” or pretty much any of the “hustle” culture talk. Hustle culture teaches us that the harder you work, the more things come your […]

God is Honored by Our Rest

I came across a post the other day on Facebook that said, “God is honored by your rest. It means that you trust that He’s working when you’re not. That you know His plans are […]

The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

When we feel weak or tired, we have been taught to “give it all we’ve got”. We try to do things in our own strength. We try to produce more energy or we just push […]

Growth in the Storm

In Arizona, we have something called “monsoon season”. The rain and the storms are beautiful but so powerful. Last night, the rain was heavy, the thunder was long, but that wind… that wind was some […]

Brave & Strong

I was going through my amazon books wishlist looking for a new book. As I was looking though it, I was amazed at how many books I have saved about living fearless or being brave. […]

VC Women’s Transition

Hi VC Women! My name is Heather Cook and I am the Women’s Ministry Coordinator for Vineyard North Phoenix. I am very excited for this new opportunity to serve the women of VCNP. For those […]

The small things are actually the BIG things!

It could be the content that I’m choosing to consume… or it could be the message God is giving me. Either way, I’ve had multiple devotionals in the last couple of weeks point to this […]