Do what makes you Holy.

Last night, I read something that said “do what makes you happy.” But happy was crossed out and Holy replaced it.

This morning in my reading, I read “God cares more about making you Holy than happy.”

What a concept!!

We are so focused on the “do what makes you happy” mindset of the world that we have forgotten that the Lord wants us to be more like him.

It’s easy to do the things that satisfy us right now but don’t benefit us in the long run or help us through the process of sanctification. We are to be set apart for God’s use and for His purpose (Deut. 7:6) but we get wrapped up in self-gratification and miss the mark.  

The Lord asks us to take up our cross and follow him (Matt. 16:24). He wants us to leave these worldly things behind (Col. 3:2). He wants our minds to be renewed (Rom. 12:2).

The enemy wants to distract us. He wants us to be thrown off the path God has set. Don’t let him.

Practically, what does a distraction look like? Netflix instead of Bible. The latest books instead of time with the Lord. Scrolling social media instead of time together with friends and family. Filling our schedules with all the things instead of slowing down to see where the Lord is moving. These are innocent things that edge the Lord out of our already busy and hectic schedule.

We are tired and just need to “veg out” or we hear friends and co-workers talking about the newest “binge-worthy” thing and want to be included in the conversation. Next time you have a choice of how you spend your “free time”, think if this thing is going to being me closer to Jesus or just a distraction.

Junk food is fine every now and again as a treat. Just make sure you are feeding your soul with the One who will sustain you before you binge on that treat.

Author: Heather Cook

Heather Cook is the Women's Ministry Coordinator at VC. She is married to her husband Tyler and together they have 3 beautiful daughters. They have attended and served at VC since 2013. Heather believes in encouraging women to be who God created them to be. She enjoys being a listening ear and a kind word for those around her. You can find her at @heyheathercook on any social media platform.

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