Rest is best

I love making my bed every day. It’s a mundane task, but I continue to do it pretty religiously. Why? Because every single night, I get to end my day with relaxing in a bed that was made. No matter how the day went, the bed is ready for me to rest in.

I know some days are so hard it feels like the Lord is silent. And then there are some days so incredible, you don’t want them to end. But either way, every single day, you can rest in Jesus just like a freshly made bed.

Jesus says in Mark 6:31, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Friend, open up that Bible, face those palms up, and sit with the Lord. Whether you start or end your day at the feet of Jesus, the relief in knowing the Truth that your life is in His hands brings peace like nothing else.

So yes, making the bed can feel annoying. Reading your Bible can feel boring at times. But the Lord sees our heart and when we choose to do it anyway, that speaks volumes compared. That speaks, “I can rest here,” with confidence. No matter the day, you can rest. Rest in Him today. 

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