Remembering Truth in Trials

 While my children were watching one of their favorite shows, “Superbook,” I was easily distracted and drawn into their entertainment. The episode they were watching drew me in right away and reminded me of how beautiful the innocence of a child can be. 

In this particular episode, the enemy was disguising himself and trying to persuade the little boy to follow him. The devil did anything he could. He surrounded the boy with a forest which seemed impossible to get out of, turned into a massive viper, sent different soldiers fighting against the boy. Eventually, the boy was saved by the Lord and His angels after he continued to remember God’s truth and proclaimed it boldly against Satan.

It made me think; the Bible says we will face trials in this life. The enemy will do anything and everything he can to take us as far away from the Lord as possible. But our God is greater! Yes, we will face trials. They may not appear as a giant cartoon snake, but they will happen. And while we may feel completely alone in those trials or like God is simply sitting still in it, the Lord’s army is battling behind the scenes for us more than we could even know.

If you’re going through a season where it seems all you’re doing is battling against the enemy, lay it at the cross friends and remember the One fighting for you is greater. Like the innocent heart of a child, remember the Truth and proclaim victories over the impossible in Jesus’ name. 

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