Relief in Jesus’ Arms

While watching my son’s football team play in their game this week a player was suddenly on the ground fighting back tears. Between his coaches, I saw him muster up strength to stand up and walking off the field, it was obvious he was searching for something.

A woman came hastily walking down the sidelines excusing herself for blocking the view of anyone who was watching the game as it resumed. The game resumed, but her heart seemed to stop. Her eyes locked with the injured player and they met each other half way. The boy suddenly began to cry as her arms reached out. “Mom,” he let out.

I felt a rush in my own mom heart and watched his body melt into the strong arms of his mother while she carried him and gave him the comfort he was searching for as he left the field. My first thought on my mind was how big of a blessing it is to bring that level of comfort and security to someone. And then I remembered the One we all can find that same comfort from.

I’m not sure what season you’re walking in right now, but I do know that Christ is opening His arms and wants to give you that comfort you’re searching for on the sidelines. No matter what you’re facing, you can lay it down as you walk off the field and melt into the arms of Jesus just as an injured child does with their parent. Whatever circumstances you are in or facing, I pray fiercely for you, sister, that you can feel the love and relief Christ has for you today.

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