It Is For All! / ¡Es para todos! (Bilingual)

Yesterday, a homeless person asked us for money saying that she needed food for her kids. Even though, we think it wasn’t true we said; “we are giving you this money not because what you […]

Bold Faith

March is Women’s History Month. As I take the time to read about some incredibly brave women, I am in awe of the things they have accomplished. There are some truly selfless things that these […]

“I Hate Death”

If you’ve ever lost a family pet,  you understand. It’s awful. It began an ordinary Tuesday morning with me picking up my grandson at my daughter’s house. Their dog Hunter, a sweet year and a […]

Little lessons from little disciples

I’m a mother of four children. One of the coolest things I have found from being a mom is that even though each of these children were raised by the same people, they are unique […]


Together our church has been diving into the 40 Days in the Word campaign. During the very first video, Rick Warren discussed the small but powerful word “LET” and since then I have been deeply […]

Pray For Them

How often am I moved to compassion for those around me? How often is it something more like an annoyance, even criticism, and complaint? I have to admit I often have critical thoughts when “mistreated” […]

What a Beautiful Sound/Que hermoso sonido (BILINGUAL

A few days ago, I went to the Musical Instrument Museum. There are many instruments there that I never knew existed. Each instrument is unique. Each has its own sound. But, when all the instruments […]

Just Out of Reach… For Now

I heard this analogy on the radio the other morning and it really stuck with me. When we have young kids around the house, we put those things of value up high and out of […]