Amen to that!

There’s a beautiful song I’ve heard in worship several times that holds the lyrics, “All Your promises are “yes” and amen.” The last time I heard it, it really got me thinking about what that truly means. We all know that the word “yes” is a simple statement of agreement to something. But what about the word “amen?”

Yes, “amen” is used at the end of prayer. It’s shouted sometimes in enthusiasm throughout a preaching being held. Sometimes people will even use it in conversation to make it known they feel the same way as the other person about something.

According to, the Hebrew origin of amen means “truth or certainty, to be trusted.” Think about that for a second…at the end of a prayer, not only are we concluding our thoughts, but we are in complete surrender, fully trusting the words just uttered from our mouths are at the feet of our Lord.

Sometimes we go through seasons of questioning why our prayer hasn’t been answered yet. Oh sister, I’ve been there too often. But when we focus on the truth we have at the end of our prayers, we can be comforted by the fact that it is in the hands of someone we can trust more than anyone else.

What a gift and bold statement to declare in a worship song. “All Your promises are yes and amen.” All of God’s promises are in full agreement and we can trust with certainty in His plans. To that I say, “Yes and amen!”

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