Real Time and Clock Time

Time sometimes needs to be converted. There is Chronis, mere chronological time, and there is Kairos, a New Testament Greek word having to do with opportunity, with moments that seem ripe for their intended purposes. […]

Don’t say “I’ll pray”

What’s the first thing we want to say when someone is telling us their troubles? “I’ll be praying for you.” What’s the first things we want to say when we see someone we know who […]

Our Great Role/Nuestro gran deber (Bilingual)

One thing that I pray almost everyday is to ask God to help me to make a difference in the life of someone “today.” Sometimes, it is hard to pay attention to people, especially when […]

Questions for Contemplation

I have found questions help me think through most matters and often a variety of options. Questions can be a great deal of help between the time we see an opportunity or problem, and the […]

VC Women’s Transition

Hi VC Women! My name is Heather Cook and I am the Women’s Ministry Coordinator for Vineyard North Phoenix. I am very excited for this new opportunity to serve the women of VCNP. For those […]


This morning I was thinking about joy. The joy of a new day, a new sunrise. The joy of a kind word and a smile  on a hard day from a stranger. The joy my […]

It’s No Bother

Have you ever felt really silly for praying for something that might be considered too inconsequential to take to God? I know I have! I frequently pray for “silly stuff.” When it’s 110 ° outside, […]

It’s Time!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: I think it is time.  Time to jump back into church life and community.  Time to serve.  Time […]