God’s Timing  

I keep a list on my desk as a reminder of God’s promises and answers. I see it every time I sit down and it keeps me going. 


Two years ago this month, the Lord asked me to step away from Ministry for a season. It was hard. I knew He had told me Ministry would be my vocation. I loved it and I finally found a place to use my gifting. When I clearly heard to step out, it made no sense to me. 


After some time, I wrote this list of things I would like to pursue or what I thought I might have heard the Lord say. I taped it to the wall by my desk. I prayed and waited. I even wrote “don’t act until Jan 2022” as a reminder to wait on the Lord’s timing. 


Throughout the year of 2021, I crossed out over half the list as I would hear “no” from the Lord. I wasn’t discouraged in the “no” but more intrigued and grateful that we were moving forward. 


A year ago, I was invited back into Ministry. It was a “yes” without doubt. It was on my wall of prayers and I knew it was an answered blessing. 


Ministry isn’t easy and we have a real enemy. The Lord knew that I was going to need to remember His hand in the wait and the way He chose me. He knew I would have to remember that none of this was my doing. He knew in it happening this way, I would remember to walk in His time and not my own. 


Heavenly Father, thank you for your good and perfect timing. You are never too slow or too quick. When we want it now, you know best and wait. When we aren’t sure how something is possible, you make a way. Lord, be with us as we wrestle with the “not yet”. Help us hold onto your promises, even when we don’t see how they will happen. Forgive our unbelief. In your name, Amen! 

Author: Heather Cook

Heather Cook is the Women's Ministry Coordinator at VC. She is married to her husband Tyler and together they have 3 beautiful daughters. They have attended and served at VC since 2013. Heather believes in encouraging women to be who God created them to be. She enjoys being a listening ear and a kind word for those around her. You can find her at @heyheathercook on any social media platform.

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