Two truths and a lie

A few weeks ago I braved the grocery store solo with my four children under the age of 8. A dad approached me and gave me a compliment. He said I was doing really great and he understands as a dad of triplets what a big task something as simple as grocery shopping is when you have small children. It made my morning!

As we were finishing up, my five year old’s limit had been reached. He expressed his limitations outwardly with some pretty intense emotion. In other words…he threw a giant fit. I calmly spoke to him about how we were almost done and finished the rest of our shopping when a stranger raised her voice at him, “We can hear you!”

Cue Mama Bear. Anger filled my entire body from the tips of my fingers all the way down to my toes. I told my son not to listen to her because I knew he was having a hard time.  I gently said back, “You don’t need to comment, please.”

As we were leaving, another mom complimented me on how good I was doing. Two compliments from strangers, what a blessing! But even on the drive home all I could feel was frustration because of one negative moment. I think the enemy works the same way.

The Lord tells us how He made us wonderfully (Psalm 139:14) and yet what typically takes over our brain? The lies of the devil! I’m not enough. I don’t deserve grace. I don’t look as pretty, as skinny, as strong, etc. as that person so I’m worthless.

God tells us throughout scripture repeatedly how loved and perfectly designed we are. Yet Satan’s lies fill our heads in an attempt to drown out our Creator’s truth. It’s time we talk back to the devil and take a stand.

Sisters in Christ, even when the enemy is screaming at you, you scream back. God’s words are stronger and are truth. Remember who He created you to be through His own image and tell the devil, “You don’t need to comment,” when you hear the truths before and after.

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