Yes Man

As a mom of four children under the age of 8, I know how difficult it can be to say “yes” to our kids when they ask to help with things sometimes. “Can I wash the dishes with you? Are we going to use hammers too? Can I help paint too?” Oh boy…and I feel I might add, I’m not referring to allowing children to participate in tasks that may cause them danger or harm.

Now I know some parents are very gifted in relaxing with a quick answer of “yes.” For me personally, this is something God is growing me in. And while I have been saying “yes” to my children more, I have noticed I more easily say “yes” to God when I give my children that permission too.

When I say “yes” to my children, I watch them learn new things. I watch them fail and try again and again…and again…and again. I watch them get excited about what came from it. All of which I think God sees too when we say “yes” to Him.

Sometimes it is scary to give our children permission to use a hammer, but imagine how much joy, growth, and excitement it gives both the parent and the child when permission is granted. So much can be learned from both sides when we say “yes,” just like when we say “yes” to the Lord. It’s easy to hesitate, but when we allow ourselves to relax and say “yes,” we can watch God work in the most beautiful ways.

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