We don’t fit in a box

Scrolling through social media, I often catch myself feeling equally not enough or too much. Am I giving my kids too much processed food? Do I do enough chores in my home? Am I feminine enough? Am I too feminine?

The conclusion I’ve come to realize is…I’m neither. Every one of us has unique gifts that play into the Body of Christ to help it operate as a unit. Friends, we simply do not fit in a box because we are women. There are countless women of the Bible that are admirable and each of them plays a role that’s a little different from another.

Not all women in the Bible were homemakers. They weren’t all entrepreneurs or judges or midwives. Not everyone of them did things the same and that’s ok. Because just like today, the Lord called them in different ways as He best sees fit.

So when you see while you’re scrolling someone boldly claiming that the way they are living their life is best or the “right” way, stop and pray. Ask the Lord for discernment in where you should follow Him. Because their right way may not be your right way and thank God for that. He truly takes us in directions which are best for us and we can place our trust in the Lord that He will put us in positions that suit our lives.

One thought on “We don’t fit in a box”

  1. Yes! This! The only “right way” is obedience to God. What that looks like is different for each one of us.

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