Worry Less and Worship More

Worry Less and Worship more.  My devotional this morning has these exact words. As I stared at them again, I found so much comfort but also conviction.  I’ve been wrestling with grief. About a month […]

The Eve of Destruction

My small group has been discussing the topic of decision making from a Biblical perspective. Our first study reference was from the book of Genesis. What better example of poor decision making is there than […]


This week, I participated in a 3-night in-home sleep study. When I had my annual physical a couple of weeks ago, I told my doctor that I’m tired all the time. Even when I get […]

I Forgot…so what have you done for me lately?

Some troublemakers among them wanted better food, and soon all the Israelites began complaining. They said, “We want meat! We remember the fish we ate for free in Egypt. We also had cucumbers, melons, leeks, […]


I’ve chosen a “Word” for the year for–I cannot even remember how many years. Last year, my word was “Rhythm.” And I did try to establish more of a healthy “rhythm” in my life.   I […]

When Trouble Comes

I was especially grateful for Pastor Brian’s message this weekend, “God’s Purpose in My Problems”.  Growing up I believed that if I lived “right” and always made good decisions, I would never experience problems in […]

Walking “Cain” Free

Last week, Pastor Brian’s  New Year’s message centered on getting into “The Book.”  For me, reading the Bible isn’t my issue; it’s understanding the deeper message and/or actually remembering what I’ve just read. This year […]