Choosing Peace

“Although my world may not be stable, I can be stable in it.” I read that statement in a counseling book years ago and it has always stuck with me.  To say that the world […]

Hiking Mountains

In the last month, I have started a new hobby, hiking. I love to be outdoors and I needed to add more cardio in my life. Although it didn’t start out as a way to […]

The Value of Treasure

Not long ago, I read an online article about children’s toy collectibles. The article stated that if you were lucky enough to own certain toys from particular time periods, you could be sitting on a […]

Manna In the Morning

I was at a conference last month, and one of the speakers said “Work the Word”, I am not sure the scenario she reflected, because my mind instantly caught that as an image and off […]

Tell Your Story

I was reminded to keep telling my story and to keep telling His story–the story of Christ. When I got saved in 5th grade, I never would have imagined this church. I was just afraid […]

Worry Less and Worship More

Worry Less and Worship more.  My devotional this morning has these exact words. As I stared at them again, I found so much comfort but also conviction.  I’ve been wrestling with grief. About a month […]

The Eve of Destruction

My small group has been discussing the topic of decision making from a Biblical perspective. Our first study reference was from the book of Genesis. What better example of poor decision making is there than […]