Keep Trying/Sigue Tratando -Bilingual

Are there areas of your life that Jesus is asking you to give to God’s Kingdom, but you are having a hard time letting go? Habits, feelings, relationships, possessions, time, gifts, etc. Sadly, I do […]

God Sings for You/ Dios Canta Por Ti – Bilingual

  Did you know that you are God’s song? His sweet melody? Yes YOU are! Today, God says to you in Zephaniah 3:17 (PWT) Praise and Worship Translation: DON’T BE AFRAID! For the Lord your […]

God’s Joy/ El gozo de Dios (Bilingual)

As an adult, have you ever thought of doing things you used to do as a kid? You must try it, it is fun! Sometimes, when I wake up, I jump on my bed like […]

The Peace That Surpasses All Understanding

I love that these phrases come to mind, especially in the morning, but sometimes they don’t linger or fill my very being as I hoped for; in that I seem to rummage them in my […]

In the Waiting

God teaches us in the waiting. He taught Moses, Joseph, Abraham, and pretty much any other story in the Bible… He even taught Jesus in the waiting. We are impatient in our world and have […]

Spread the Word

As followers of Jesus, we know what our future ultimately holds. Eternal life with the Lover of our soul. Peace and Joy like we have never known before.  When you have something exciting happen in […]

Not As They Appear. Give Way

My brother and I are 1st generation born and raised in the U.S., both parents had and maintained their birth languages, though fluent and successful in English.  Some things go through a translation and get […]