Growing in Gratitude

My family is from a little town near Milwaukee, WI. Tired of freezing weather, we moved to Phoenix in the middle of August. It was crazy to think the searing heat was better somehow, but I was a kid then.

As an adult, I don’t like the heat. My mom feels the same way. This week the forecast calls for triple digits. I long to live somewhere cooler while feeling very grumpy about the hot weather that’s coming.

I know the Lord placed me here and has blessed me abundantly. I seem to forget this when the heat returns. I found comfort in the bible story of the Israelites, their miraculous delivery from slavery and 40-year journey in the desert. They had no a/c, lived in tents, and waited on the Lord to find them water, feed them and guide them through the wilderness.

I began to praise the Lord for the creature comforts we have now. Thankfulness and gratitude will change a grumpy heart to a joy filled one! We cannot always change our circumstances, but I know that God will help us grow in gratitude because He cares for us! I can even thrive in circumstances I don’t like, when I know it is what God wants for me. He truly cares and we matter to Him.

Linda Gagner

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