These are some thoughts on my mind…Winsome Witty Women…or…Wednesday’s Wonderful Women…or… Women Who Worship…or Wise Welcoming Women…or… Wow!  What Women! You might have guessed I am thinking of what is coming up this Wednesday, May […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

 One quality I’ve come to appreciate more and more in people as I grow older, is the quality of gratitude.  An attitude of gratitude can also be contagious.  Trusting disciples (I believe) do develop attitudes […]

Count the Blessings – Not the Candles

Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday. It’s hard for me to think of anything except what I was doing 29 years ago today. It’s amazing how I can’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday […]


Connecting  John Ortberg, author, said, “The yearning to connect, to love and be loved, is the fiercest longing of the soul.”  Deep down, we all crave that place where we “know and are known” by […]

Dare to Delete

I’m a girl born in the mid-20th century so I must confess to being somewhat intimidated by technology. The information super highway doesn’t have enough off-ramps for me. I frequently find myself stuck in the […]

Chicks, Eggs, Crosses and Easter Merchandising……

 Ok, I will take a minute to spout my opinion about all of the Easter merchandising I am seeing this year.  I realize this makes me sound like I am turning into my Mother–or possibly […]

Fertilizer and Gophers

We’ve been blessed with an above-average rainfall this year and as a result, we’ve got weeds popping up everywhere – even in those tiny little cracks in the driveway! Oddly enough, those little driveway cracks […]

“Blessed Are the Flexible!”

Blessed are the flexible, for they will not easily be broken.  This thought helps me through many situations as they arise.  Whether it is my kid’s school calling to say they need to reschedule my […]

Reflections on God at Work….

I was blown away at seeing God at work during the Women’s conference.  So many good things were happening. I heard lots of great stories.  I will share a few.  We experienced great worship and […]