Enjoy the Change….

 Enjoy the Change!  Have you ever heard that phrase?  Some people try to avoid change.  Now that I’m 48, I’m thinking we better get used to it.  The only constant in our world(besides Jesus) seems […]

More Than Meets the Eye!

 Has anybody tried to “transform” a Transformer toy? My son, Luke, loves Transformers even though he has never seen the movie.  He asked for Transformer toys for his 6th birthday and got quite a few […]

“Don’t Worry, Be Healthy”

 I asked Christina Trifanoff, one of our leaders, to be a guest blogger today.  I think you’ll really enjoy what she has to say! Blessings, Thora Worry Remember that song from the 80’s, “Don’t Worry, […]

…where everybody knows my name…

“I wanna go where everybody knows my name…..”  Do you remember the line of that song from the old TV show,  Cheers”?  One of the best places for that feeling of “community” to happen, is […]

Prayer Oasis…..What is that?

Hip, hip, hurray! A day to pray…… You don’t know when? Please come at 10:00. (a.m.) If you have August 30th open, it’s not by chance. Please come and put yourself in the circumstance, To […]

Life on Planet Mom

I’m sorry. I admit it. I talk too much about my kids. This attribute in others, before I had kids, seemed annoying. I’m trying to do better. What gives? Well, being a Mom changes you, […]

“You Really Just Don’t Understand!”

Effective communication will take work. Have you ever given someone a compliment and they thought you were making fun of them? I have. I have read there are six levels of communication. This is one […]

You Just Don’t Understand!

“Is that what you really mean?” Communication is tricky business! I once said to my Father on one of his birthdays, “Well, I guess you are as old as you feel.” And he replied, “So […]

We All Have to Die….

We all have to die. I recently went to a Vineyard pastor’s conference where I heard a speaker who talked about people wanting to be like, “Friends with Benefits” with God. What she meant, was […]