No one is Safe

No one is safe. I know, that’s harsh. Stay with me through this. No one is safe from the schemes of the enemy or the trials of the world. I recently had this thought come into my head when I was discussing with my husband about a family friend in a current season of struggle.

No one is safe. We can attend church every single Sunday. You can homeschool and keep your kids away from society. You can open your Bible and read it sun up to sun down. No one is safe.

No one is safe, but we are all SAVED. The biggest way to Truth we have reveals in this life we will have trouble but take heart because I have overcome the world (John 16:33). We live in a fallen world and the enemy will do all he can to destroy the truth that Christ sets us free of our sin, but we have to fight back too. When we give in to the truth that we are not safe from the tactics of the enemy and allow it to surpass the truth that we really are saved in the name of Jesus, the devil wins.

Friends, this is a harsh statement of truth; “No one is safe.” And in all sincerity, I mean it as a gentle reminder that we are saved in the name of Jesus, but we must armor up. Christ will never stop fighting with us. Ever. Does that give us a shiny, glittery, unicorn magical, vanilla cupcake scented shield of protection and free of the world’s evil? Absolutely not.

No one is safe and that is such a hard concept to realize, but even greater we are saved. Even greater, the Lord fights for us. Even greater we have the Truth, the armor of God, the strength of the Holy Spirit. We may live in a fallen world. We may face trials and hardships, temptations, and tactics from the enemy. But sisters in Christ, we must remember we are daughters of the God Most High. The Almighty King who has come to save. God is always for us, never against us, even when we live in a world where no one is safe.

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