Check your Circle

I have kind of an intimidating question for you. Are you ready? It’s a big one. Be honest with yourself when you answer. When is the last time you really looked at your friends circle to see if who is in it is best for your walk with Christ?

I know, that’s a tough one to face. Friendships are such a beautiful gift from the Lord, but they can have their challenges. We all go through different seasons of life that can impact who we are, but when we are surrounded by a strong circle of women in Christ we can easily be pointed back to the cross. Something I’ve had to ask myself in friendships the last few years is… Are they pointing me to the gospel truth or helping me to distracting me from Him more?

There are things of this world that are beneficial of course, but in times when we are facing a battle with the enemy, where is your circle helping take you? Your friendships matter. Your circle matters.

The Lord clearly says in Proverbs 27:9, “…the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.” The dynamic of friendships can be difficult to navigate especially in different seasons of life, but the reward is a true gift from the Lord.

So, ladies, as a gentle reminder as a sister in Christ, check your circle today. Pray for the Lord to speak clearly to you about your friendships and to provide friends who will hold your hand in every season while reminding you of God’s truths? I pray you find the most encouraging, God fearing circle today. 

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