If we could call God

One of my very curious children asked me the other day if I had God’s phone number. We talked about how we don’t need His phone number because we are lucky enough to be able to pray. It made me think… How often am I intentionally praying fervently over my family?

Prayer over your family is always powerful. But there’s something that sets fire in the way a family functions when a woman prays for her family. When we set out to pray for our family with intention instead of the same recited bedtime prayer each night, we set a different tone. We display the strongest of armors. We go to battle and we do not back down because we serve a mighty, loving God.

When we demonstrate the strength of the Holy Spirit by praying over our family, it’s an unstoppable force. We may not see our favor when we pray, but we will always see God’s favor when we seek Him. Run to Him. Leave your worries at His feet. He is our anchor and, luckily, He is even closer than a phone call away.

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