Truth in Hardships

My four year old son is a curious boy. I love the way his brain works and that God designed him with such an inquisitive way of thinking. While watching a cartoon Bible story, his face twisted into the same look it always does when he gets a deep thought on his mind. “Mommy, if God can do anything and defeat Satan, why doesn’t He just do it already then?”
I have never heard a question like this from a child. I was shocked and all I could think was that I wish I knew how to answer it. “I’m not sure, buddy. Why do you think He hasn’t yet?” He looked at me with obvious gears turning in his head and said, “I think we can ask at Bible study maybe?”
We have a child with a chronic illness. We’ve faced financial hardship and family difficulties. We have had a lot happen in our lives just as everyone else does that seem unfair or could rock us out of faith, but we have yet to think God has left our side. We have yet to turn away from Him ourselves. Why? Because we can rest in the truth that He remains the same. We can look at Christ’s sacrifice alone and know that He felt the pain we do in these seasons of hardship simply so we could be forgiven of mistakes we make. We can wait on the truth that He is still good. We can take comfort in the fact that He has performed miracles and good works already even if we can’t quite see it yet.
So yes, God can defeat Satan right now, but the truth is He already has won. We may not see it yet and we may not see it until we reach eternity with Jesus, but we can always rest in His goodness knowing that we serve a good and faithful God.

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