Turning Pages

Technology is such a blessing and a curse. We can have all the answers to any questions, research, etc in the palm of our own hand. We can carry our journal, our photo album, even our Bible all in one device. It’s an easy access to some of the greatest parts of our lives…and yet it’s not.

Having the convenience of these things so easily accessible is great, but when it comes to the Bible it’s important to open it up old school in the actual book for many reasons:

•If you’re a mom, your kids see you on your phone enough. Opening the Bible demonstrates your dedication to reading the Word by showing them exactly what you’re reading. It intrigues them and they may even ask to read their own!

•Writing, highlighting, taking notes…it’s so much more personal with a pen.

•Scripture memorization is easier (in my opinion) when you can turn pages on something tangible.

In the event where it’s possible to open up the Word, put the phone down, the palms up, and open up that Bible sister.

So here’s my challenge for you: I encourage you to read your actual Bible and not the app for 30 days. No rules, just reading! See what you notice in your spiritual health. Choose different times of day or settings that may work best for you to connect with the Lord in his living Word.

Get your coffee ready, tighten that top knot, and pray God speaks to you as you flip through those pages. Sisters in Christ, it’s time for a change in how we learn about Jesus. Happy reading!

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