The small things are actually the BIG things!

It could be the content that I’m choosing to consume… or it could be the message God is giving me. Either way, I’ve had multiple devotionals in the last couple of weeks point to this same message. And I’m here for it!

“Wherever the Lord has placed you, bloom where you’ve been planted 🌻. Whistle while you work 🎶, and even the mundane becomes meaningful!”

This was part of my devotional today. ♥️ As I am in this season of rest and wait, it’s such a great reminder to do everything, even the mundane, unto the Lord. 🙌🏻

Another one said this:

“‘Martha, Martha,’ the Lord answered, ‘you are worried and upset about many things but few things are needed – or indeed only one.’ Luke 10:41–42 NIV

We are each given 24 hours in a day. Einstein and Edison were given no more than Joseph and Jeremiah of the old testament. Since God has blessed each of us with 24 hours, let’s seek his direction on how to spend this in valuable commodity wisely – giving more to people than things, spending more time on relationships than the rat race. In Luke, our Lord reminded dear, dogged, drained Martha that only one thing is needed – Him.

Father God, often times I get caught up in the minutia of life. The pile of laundry can appear more important than the precious little ones you’ve given me. Help me to use my time wisely. Open my eyes to see what is truly important.”

If you remember the story of Martha and Mary in Luke, Martha is cleaning and preparing. She is being hospitable while Mary sits at the feet of Jesus, listening to every word. Martha is upset and asks Jesus who is right. Jesus responds that Mary is doing what she should be.

This week, I was sitting in my chair in the front room reading my Bible. My oldest, Lily (6) comes in and says,” mom, I think Charlie (my youngest, 3) is having a bad day. Someone… actually… you should pray for her.” I said, “why don’t you pray for her?” She said, “ I don’t know how.” I said, “sure you do.” So she closed her eyes and sat in her chair beside me. She said, “Lord, please help Charlie to have a good day. Help her be happy and be with her. In your name we pray, amen.” ♥️ I said, “I knew you could do it.” Then Charlie came in and was smiling and happy and laughing. I told Lily, “I think your prayer worked!” She gave me a big smile. I told her, “if you ever feel like someone should pray for someone or something, that’s the Lord putting it on your heart to pray. Just start praying whatever comes to your mind! The Holy Spirit will give you the words to pray.” 🙌🏻

I love these teachable moments and the moments God shows me fruit. Being a stay at home mom is hard… but seeing these little moments and the big changes in my kids makes the job so worth it! (Thank you Lord!) But you know what? If I was rushed, like I typically am, I would have missed this moment. Being in a posture of rest with the Lord allowed me to witness this beautiful moment with my girls. I’m so grateful!

Lord, thank you for giving me this opportunity to see the fruit in these tough years with two little ones. Thank you for this amazing season of rest and forgive me when I don’t appreciate it quite like I should. You know what we need before we know, Lord. Thank you for always looking out for us and for never settling for less than the best in our lives, even when we would have chosen something else because we don’t even know what the best could be! In your name I pray, Amen!

Author: Heather Cook

Heather Cook is the Women's Ministry Coordinator at VC. She is married to her husband Tyler and together they have 3 beautiful daughters. They have attended and served at VC since 2013. Heather believes in encouraging women to be who God created them to be. She enjoys being a listening ear and a kind word for those around her. You can find her at @heyheathercook on any social media platform.

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  1. Love this Heather! The Martha and Mary story is so powerful and we can learn so much from it. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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