The Truth We Know

After listening to Gary Kinnaman’s message this past weekend (which I loved), I started thinking about the “B” in his ABC example.  I’m not sure if the sermon will be available on the VCNP website.  It wasn’t when I checked Monday morning, but you might check later today or Tuesday.  Click here to go to that page

In Gary’s example , the A stood for the action someone performs,  B is for what we believe, and C is for the consequence – or how we react to the action.  Gary explained we often go over B and just react.  What we need to do is focus on what we believe.  Although he didn’t go into a lot of detail, to me, this meant I’m to focus on what I believe to be true – either about the other person, myself or how I choose to think about what has happened. 

It got me thinking about a friend of mine who had a choice.  I’m going to call her Trisha (but that’s not her name) and she does not go to the Vineyard.  Here’s what happened:

The accusations were unsettling – the suspected infidelity of a husband – who was also in full-time ministry.  Some called for his resignation, while others stood by him.  His wife, Trisha, was one of those who chose to believe her husband when he denied the rumors.

The controversy swirled.  Although no proof of his affair was ever uncovered, this man stepped down from his pastoral position.  Trisha, though eaten up by the turmoil and her own suspicions, continued to support her husband.  She refused to believe the rumors and stood firm on what she believed to be true about the man she had committed to love and honor.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after he resigned that Trisha’s husband claimed to have lost his love for her and moved out.  Divorce papers followed a few months later.

Confused and hurt, Trisha sought answers in prayer and God’s Word.  Her ex-husband still denied any wrong-doing while they were married.  Trisha just wanted the truth, and she continually asked God to bring it to light.  She wrote down scriptures that brought peace and hope and read them throughout the day.  Although her heart was heavy with grief and filled with questions, my friend turned to God for comfort.  God was faithful and filled her with peace.

Trisha accepted the situation, but continued to pray for the truth to be revealed.  It bothered her not to know what really happened.  Until one day when God spoke to her through John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  In the quiet of her heart, Trisha realized the God had been showing her the truth all along – only it wasn’t the truth about what happened – it was HIS truth.

With each scripture she read, God planted His truth in her heart – about her value, God’s character and His unfailing love for her.  God’s truth was setting Trisha free from the bondage of needing to know the truth about her husband.  It also guided her in how to respond – which she did with dignity and grace.

There’s so much we may never know for sure in this life.  The “why’s” of life can drive us crazy.  Worry and fear can hold us captive.  Yet Jesus promised freedom when we know the truth.  But we have to read God’s Word for ourselves and allow God to plant it in our hearts. 

Then like my friend Trisha, we can move on with life, choose to respond in godly ways and stand firm on the rock of God’s truth.

There’s nothing that makes us lose our dignity in this life, except our choices of how to respond to our circumstances. 

In His Love,


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