It all revolves around the King!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’ s not about you!” Too often, we think things are about us. Actually, it all revolves around the King (Jesus that is).  I heard a talk on this […]

Fish, Bread and Miracles

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the need around you? I sure have!  I especially feel this every time I join a team from my church for our annual ministry trip to the beautiful country […]

Finding My Purpose

About three years ago, I read an article in Today’s Christian Woman magazine about their “Cause of the Year,” Combat Sex Trafficking.  I was horrified to read one girl’s story.  Rosa was 13 when she […]

Not Enough?

Have you ever felt like you’re not doing “enough” for God? Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Vineyard USA Leadership Conference.  I sat in the very back of the auditorium, where I […]

Single Mom’s Spa Day -May,21st 2011

I have been a part of our wonderful for church for 3 years in June. My husband, 4 sons and I moved from Bristol, England where we spent 4 years as Pastors with the Bristol Vineyard.

You Will Not Be Forgotten

When my third child was born, my oldest was three.  And they were all active boys!  My husband and I were outnumbered and my life was completely up-ended.  For the next three years, I couldn’t […]

Extraordinary God

Do you have a problem with ordinary?  I kind of do. I’m ok with my ordinary house and don’t mind driving an ordinary car.  Don’t know much about designer brand names or the latest, hottest […]

Better Late Than Never

My husband and I didn’t pick the smartest week of the year to get married.  We were juniors in college and got married two weeks before classes started.  On one hand, we prepared all summer, […]

The Women of Perryville Prison

The other day, as I browsed through my mail, I came across the Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) Newsletter.  A group picture of smiling women, clad in bright orange suits, caught my attention.    “Nurses?” I […]

Everybody Gets to Play

This past weekend, Pastor Craig, shared the Vineyard saying:  “Everybody Gets to Play.”  It reminded me of a something that happened when I was a child. I grew up here in Glendale a freckle-faced brunette […]