Back to School for Adults

Back to school time…we might think of buying new school clothes and supplies…all those school activities…homework.  If we’re homeschooling, it’s ordering curriculum and lesson planning.  Since I am a teacher, it’s reading textbooks and planning. 

            This summer, I finally went back to school myself…at Vineyard!  I finally had the time to take advantage of those training classes they advertise every week.  I took Small Group training, Ministry 1, and Ministry 2.  All of the teachers were excellent!  I was impressed with their knowledge, how well they explained and applied the concepts, and how I either learned something new or received a new way of looking at things. 

            These classes are intended to provide you with practical skills to help you prepare for ministry opportunities at Vineyard, whether it’s leading or assisting a small group, being on the ministry team, or volunteering for mission trips or other outreach service ministries.  I really liked the “no pressure tactics” approach.  If you’re not sure where the Lord’s leading you right now, or maybe the timing’s not right (life!), the class content is still relevant and useful while your path become clearer, or at least clearer of obstacles.    

            These are some of the topics you can learn about in the classes:

  • How to organize and lead a small group
  • Understanding the kingdom of God
  • Biblical view of healing
  • Physical healing
  • How to pray
  • Demonization and deliverance
  • Inner healing
  • In the moment ministry

     So…is it time for you to “go back to school,” ladies?  What’s holding you back?  Don’t have time?  Just take one class at a time, when it’s offered in an easy season for you.  The classes are offered during regular Sunday morning service times, so children can still go to their Sunday School classes, while you attend adult Sunday School.  Don’t want to go by yourself?  Grab your spouse or friend and go together.  Don’t want to be pushed or pressured into something you’re not ready for?  The knowledge you gain will only build your confidence.  I also found out that there are team leaders who mentor you once you’ve been released to ministry.  You’re not out there “on your own.”  Think you already know the course content already?  I learned a lot of new things.  Even if you do go in knowing a lot, already, the refresher is a good shot in the arm. 

            So as temperatures cool down…maybe it’s time to check out the Vineyard training classes.  It’s never too late to go back to school, and better yet, there are no tests, no grades, and no losing your locker combination.  

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