Restoring Eve

  There is so much conflicting information told to women both in and out of the church.  We will not just believe the cultural and religious stereotypes concerning women, but instead look to find what […]


I love the holidays! I love decorating, the preparation, the menu options and all the events that go along with the season! Having said this, life has happened! Three months ago we moved into a new […]

Back to School for Adults

Back to school time…we might think of buying new school clothes and supplies…all those school activities…homework.  If we’re homeschooling, it’s ordering curriculum and lesson planning.  Since I am a teacher, it’s reading textbooks and planning.  […]

Letting Go!

I’m a fixer. You know the kind of person who has the great need to fix a situation, a relationship, and a problem no matter what. However some things just cannot be fixed! Learning to […]

The Extraordinary

Have you ever attempted the out of the box experience? Have you ever trusted God to do something bigger than y0ur comfort zone? Greater than your imagination or beyond your understanding? If you have…exciting!!! How did […]

Start the Adventure!

A few months ago Mario and I took a day to run some errands in Tempe, have lunch with our daughter who attends ASU, and visit IKEA. While walking through the mammoth store we came […]


I love sitting outside to greet the morning in spring. The sunshine and breeze perfectly complimenting each other and the temperature fresh; the sounds of nature awakening in the morning are so peaceful. I hear […]

By Faith!

While reading my devotional this morning in Exodus I see God’s guidance in my life in such a similar way. I came out of Egypt – out of sin and slavery – but my journey […]

Find Your Own Calcutta

Find Your Own Calcutta Mother Teresa worked tirelessly year after year with the poorest of the poor of Calcutta.  When reading about her, I was intrigued by her response to people who begged to join […]

What is in your hand?

Life is filled with “Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda” moments. It’s those moments that leave us with regret. The years we chose to be lazy rather than digging deep and working hard at something. The words we […]