When Trouble Comes

I was especially grateful for Pastor Brian’s message this weekend, “God’s Purpose in My Problems”.  Growing up I believed that if I lived “right” and always made good decisions, I would never experience problems in […]

The Perspective of Our Circumstances

Have you ever gone back to your high school or childhood home and been shocked to discover how small everything seemed? At the time, was your perception of the world and how successful you were […]

Let it go

Just like joy and happiness, we experience our own measures of pain and sadness throughout life. Sometimes painful memories are easier to recall than happier ones. You get stuck reliving the same painful experience over […]

Communicate Responsibly

Technology has made it easier for us to stay connected and communicate with one another now, more than ever. Cell phones, text messaging, email and Facebook all influence how we communicate. Conversations can happen instantly […]

You Get What You Give

The small group summer semester officially kicked off last week. As a leader, I’m always filled with hope and anticipation, waiting expectantly for whatever God has in store for my group. Will I see familiar […]

Fix Your Thoughts on Jesus

During my devotional time, I came across a scripture that I know the Lord wanted me to see. My thoughts had been so anxious lately, and I was constantly feeling overwhelmed. Between work, my family […]

Living in the Light

I love the Christmas season. Especially the lights and decorations. When night falls, the lights come on and shine brightly for all too see. People get very creative with their decorations too. Giant, inflatable snowmen, […]