Little lessons from little disciples

I’m a mother of four children. One of the coolest things I have found from being a mom is that even though each of these children were raised by the same people, they are unique and different from each other. One of my children loves to grow me more often than the others.
She is fierce, a strong and independent little girl with a brave disposition and compassion that comes like a fire. I like to tell other people that she grows me a lot, which is not easy.  She is such a gift and like all children I learn a lot from her.
A few days ago, this sweet daughter of mine decided to play hide and seek without me knowing we were playing…in the church offices during service while I was volunteering. Now we are highly competitive in this household. So was she going to give her hiding spot away when I was searching for her? Of course not!
She thankfully quickly turned a corner right as I did and I explained that she scared me. Her response? She recited the memory verse completely on her own for the first time. Her independence shined.
I truly felt the Holy Spirit’s peace wash over me and I fell deeper in love with her beautiful independence. Raising children isn’t easy, but the lessons that they teach us (especially when we lean into the Lord and wait for His whispers in the day to day) are a gift like no other. Having a child with a strong sense of independence grows us in many ways and with that, we get to witness them chase after the Lord without us even knowing they were for doing it in the first place.

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  1. I love when our children surprise us with these little moments. Also… I’m so glad you found her! 🙂

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