A letter to the mama rushing to church late

An open letter to the mom rushing into church late,

Oh mama, I see you. I see your full hands and quick feet shuffling through the doors of the children’s ministry building trying not to trip over your toddler running around your ankles. I see your efforts in makeup that was probably done at red lights in the car on your way here. I see the work you put into your daughter’s hair even if it meant skipping out on your own. I hear you.

I hear the tone in your voice trying to be gentle as your toddler starts to pull the flyers off the shelves in the hallway. I hear your whispers to your husband of, “I hope we can make it to at least one song for worship today.” I hear the concern in your voice when you drop off a potty training toddler to their classroom. I know you.

Mama, so many of us have been in those shoes of hustling through the church doors with babies in tow and high hopes in our hearts. I know you. I know this stress. We see you and I hope you know how proud you should be. This season of running late and hoping for the best through a church service is not easy, but you’re doing it. YOU are the one responsible for your children’s spiritual investment and growth at this point and you are still showing up, late or not.

So while you are trying to force a smile through the frustration of being late and praying before you walk through those doors, just know we see you. We love you. We are so happy and proud to see you working with such efforts to bring your babies to the Kingdom.

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