Don’t say “I’ll pray”

What’s the first thing we want to say when someone is telling us their troubles? “I’ll be praying for you.” What’s the first things we want to say when we see someone we know who has been facing trials? “I’ve been praying for you.”

Prayer is such a gift. The power it has is truly unmatched and the fact that the Lord has given us the ability to communicate with Him at any point in time is incredible. But when we do have someone we love or care about needing prayer, why do we only say, “I’ll pray.”

I’ll tell you something and it’s going to sound harsh…I try my best to never say I’ll pray for you. No. Instead, get over here and let me put my hand on your shoulder. Bow your head and buckle up, I’m praying for you now.

Friends, what if instead of saying “I’ll pray for you,” and ending it there, we say what we are praying for (or have been praying for)and pray then and now. “Rachel, I’m going to pray right now with you, if your comfortable, for relief of this anxiety you’re experiencing.” “Chris, can we pray right now for healing over your back pain?” “Lori, how have you been this week? I’ve been praying for you to feel God’s peace wash over you.”

Why are we afraid to be specific? We must be fearless with this tool God has given us. And here’s some more raw truth…prayer has power. We are warrior women in Christ and prayer is our biggest weapon. Use it. Be specific. Get it done.

2 thoughts on “Don’t say “I’ll pray””

  1. When someone shares a struggle I pray usually at that time. Whether it’s by text , chat message, email, on phone or face to face. I find it’s more powerful and impactful. Also in our busy world if we don’t stop And pray we may not remember to. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yes!! Alex!! I love this!!! Pray for them right there… and then later as well! And then… follow up! I always feel a little conviction when I walk away and didn’t pray right then and there.

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