Women of God

When I was a little girl, my mom had a fun way of building up my confidence. Any time we did something that demonstrated strength, she would look at me and say, “Why?” And my answer was, “Because we’re women!” Today I have daughters of my own and am trying to build that same confidence in them.

As women of God, our role in the feminism is unique. Feminism can be a beautiful thing to be a part of when we approach it with our eyes on the Cross. God called several women throughout history to make drastic impacts in His victories.

In the New Testament, Jesus treats women better than most of society does. His mother alone is a pure and beautiful example of how God calls women into powerful roles.

There can be some toxicity I think with a lot of the way feminism is viewed when we focus on feminism alone. But feminism isn’t about us, is it? No. We can do anything, but only through Christ. We can lead, if God so calls us to that role. We are leaders in many ways, but the biggest of all is to lead in a way that is God honoring. To follow whatever He sets in our paths with as much peace in our hearts and grace in our movement as we can. To lead our soldiers in our own family or beyond, in our household, outside, or both. To remember our why. And why do we do what we do? Because we are women. Women of the God Most High. Oh and what a beautiful role that is.


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  1. It was an intentional decision for me to raise strong women. I applaud you and your mom.

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