God Can Turn It Around!

I am a praying Mama. I have been praying for my people, as I live and breathe, some of them for so many years I have lost count. We Mama’s know they need Jesus more than anything else in their lives!

Lately the song “God Turn It Around” by Jon Reddick has been playing in my mind when I wake up. When I get in the car, there it is! The song is so encouraging to this worn-out prayer Mama to just keep on praying! The lyrics are simple, it goes like this:

I’m praying God come

And turn this thing around

God, turn it around. Cause all of my hope, is in the Name, the Name of Jesus!

There is more, but to keep it short I highlighted the verses that are speaking to me now.

I want to encourage our praying Mama’s today with this: God will turn it around! He loves them and has a plan for them. Hoping in Jesus’ Name and His power is an action we do as we pray!

Keep on going, dear one, God sees your heart!


Linda Gagner

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