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“The best calendar is the one you look at everyday.” ~ Marla Cilley

A couple weeks ago, I did something I never thought I would do. I switched from a paper planner to a calendar app on my phone. 

I started keeping a planner in high school. I’d color code appointments, add stickers for fun events, and write reminder notes in the margins. Even as a working adult some 20 plus years later, my system has never changed.

My calendar always looks fun and appealing. 

Here’s the problem…I would never open it regularly. After I added appointments with my cute colored pens, I’d shut the planner and forget all about it! 

My system clearly wasn’t working as well as it could be. The habit of looking at my calendar everyday needed some work. 

So I decided to try a calendar on my phone. It makes sense for me. I definitely look at my phone everyday. 

And you know what? It worked. Since I switched, I’ve been more productive in two weeks than I have been in months! Bonus – I still get to color code my life. 

This got me thinking about the discipline of daily Bible-reading. Do I open my Bible everyday? I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t. 

Now, I wouldn’t want to ditch my physical Bible and move strictly to a Bible app like I did with my calendar. 

But maybe there are small changes here and there that I could make to help me improve this important habit. 

Set a reminder on my phone. Keep my Bible in a prominent spot where I’ll see it everyday. Follow a Bible-reading plan, like the Proverbs study we did recently. 

What’s something you could do to improve your Bible-reading habit?

It doesn’t have to be something drastic like I did with my calendar. 

Whether you own the fanciest study Bible on the market, a worn out, falling apart version passed down through your family, or you use a Bible app, the best Bible is the one you look at everyday.

Do you have a good tip or idea for improving your Bible-reading habit? Share it below! 

Have a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving, ladies! 

Author: Jennifer Followwill

Jennifer Followwill began attending Vineyard about 5 years ago. She served at the Food Bank for several years and she loves her small group. She works full-time at Arizona State University's West Campus and teaches aerobics twice a week at Glendale Jazzercise. When she's not working, she loves to be the best aunt ever to her two teenage nephews, cheer on the Diamondbacks, hike, nap, and binge-watch TV shows.

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