Three Practical Ways to Turn our Hearts and Minds Towards Jesus this Christmas Season

“Jesus is the reason for the season!” We have all heard that kind of cliché but true statement a time or two, right? Maybe it is something we say or even believe but might forget what it truly means. I know Christmas is different for each and every one of us. We celebrate differently; we do different things, on different days, with all different members of our families. But I would bet that each of us is truly thankful for the gift of Jesus and what his being born has done for all of us.

Today is December 1st. And we are officially in the month of Christmas! What an exciting time! There is so much to be done and I know this month will feel overwhelming at times. And it will probably even stressful for one reason or another. I want to share three practical things I think we call all do this month and Christmas season to turn our hearts and minds toward Jesus and keep our focus on him, despite the craziness the season can bring. These are suggestions I will be doing myself, as well!

*Advent! Today is December 1st, which means advent starts today! Perfect timing ☺ I encourage you to find an advent reading for yourself or one to do with your family if you have children at home. It is an amazing way to refocus everyday and build up to the birth of Jesus December 25th comes. I know it might seem like just another thing to be done this month, but this one is worth it! What better way to start—or even end—our days than to personally invite Jesus into this season with us. There are so many different readings to choose from.-especially if you have the bible app!  The link right below will also take you to one but there are lots you can find if you just look online ☺ If you have kids, our family does the “Wonder of the Greatest Gift” by Ann Voscamp and that link is also below if you want to take a peek. Again, these are just ideas and suggestions.

The Wonders of His Love: A Christmas Bible Reading Plan

*Music! I LOVE Christmas music. Once Black Friday hits, it’s just about al I want to listen to. BUT, what really love is Worship Christmas music. Yes, some of it is in the mix on the radio. But you can find even more Christ-centered worship music. Casting Crowns, Amy Grant and Lauren Daigle (just to name a few) have some beautiful Christmas music that truly worships the savior and continues to remind us of the true meaning of the season. I am not suggesting you listen to only this, but maybe turn it on more often this year than you did last year. Listen to the words and thank Jesus for his amazing gift of life and all you have to be thankful for this Christmas year. I attached the link below to the Casting Crowns Christmas album, “Peace on Earth,” on Youtube so you can take a listen if you never have ☺

*Serve! Serve??  I know, I know. This month is so busy with Christmas parties, dinners, shopping, baking, the list could go on! But, this is such an important one. Sometime this month, find time to serve another family. Who do you know that is struggling? What family do you know of that is hurting or struggling and could benefit from your service this Christmas? I guarantee you can find one if you just ask, if you don’t know of one personally. If you are in a position to help someone financially, that is amazing. Buying gifts for someone else that you won’t even see open the gifts is truly humbling. But if you are not in a position to help another family financially, could you commit to taking them dinner one night or even having them over to your house one evening? OR, is there an event at church you can volunteer to serve at? I know this is asking a lot but I also know it could potentially change someone’s Christmas season. Make some room in your schedule to serve a person or family this month and I KNOW you will see the blessings on both sides.

I hope that some of these ideas spoke to you and that you will cling to a few of them and see what the Lord does this December. We can get so lost in the craziness but lets commit as women to use everyday this season to look to Jesus. Merry Christmas, ladies!

Lots of love,
Nikki ☺

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