This past Easter week is an important celebration, reminding us of redemption and eternal life.  As we grow and mature, this Biblical truth takes on more layers and more meaning.  On Good Friday evening, small group leader Eduardo preached on Jesus’ last words, “It is finished.”  I honestly never thought about how the word finished represents completion—He did everything He came here to do.  There’s a wow moment, as Pastor Brian said on Sunday.

     The miracle of resurrection can be beyond human comprehension.  Sometimes, we’re given a glimpse of it here on earth.  In the Christian movie “Breakthrough,” based on a true story, the Smith family experiences something like a resurrection.  As you’ve no doubt seen from the movie trailer, their son John is submerged in an icy St. Louis lake for over 20 minutes.  He was declared dead in the hospital—but his faithful mother refused to accept this and prayed for a miracle—that God would literally bring her son back to life. 

     “Breakthrough” can mean many things.  In John’s case, he literally broke through the ice.  Then there is a Godly intervention and miracle breakthrough.  There is a medical breakthrough.  And, there is a spiritual breakthrough, as we witness the mother come to realize some of her  attitudes and behaviors toward others during the midst of this medical crisis call for repentance. 

     I can relate on so many levels as well.  I’ve never experienced a drowning in my family—yet I have a friend who has, unfortunately.  I have been in a medical crisis, though, and have felt the anger or incredulity when others make hurtful comments.  I’ve also experienced situations which cannot be mere coincidence, and knew there’s a loving God and the prayers of others navigating me through that challenging circumstance.  And, there’s the spiritual breakthrough where God reveals to us our less than gracious or grateful moments that we must repent. 

     Unfortunately, we know that not everyone’s life experiences a miraculous answer.  A loved one dies.  A family member leads a broken life.  A friend doesn’t get saved.  Someone abandons us.  As the pastor in the movie “Breakthrough” states, if we knew all the answers, we wouldn’t need faith.  As humans, though, we still suffer and experience sorrow over these things. 

     What’s your breakthrough?  Are you praying for one now?  Do you need a miracle breakthrough?  A medical breakthrough?  A spiritual breakthrough? 

     Heavenly Father, we thank you for the death and resurrection of your son, Jesus.  We praise you for being the God of miracles.  We ask you for a breakthrough in our lives.  Amen.    

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