Under Construction

Under Construction

     I was literally “sweating it out” on this month’s blog topic—pun intended.  During these dog days of summer, I can’t think, and all I want to do is read in a shaded house or find out who won “Survivor.” 

     However, the Lord inspired me to write about that intersection.  That intersection?  Yes, you know the one.  If you live anywhere in Phoenix, it’s that one where the traffic cones and barricades narrow the road to one lane.  Traffic slows, and everyone vies to get into that one lane and go about their business.  Some drivers are generous and wave you in; some are more impatient and pushy.  I always question how long it takes to repair these intersections, particularly when you see no road crews around. 

     This word picture might be how God sees us sometimes.  Are we “under construction,” while He patiently works on us, slows us down, or even prevents us from going our way?  He’s building a better us, while we tap our fingers nervously, impatiently, or rebelliously against the steering wheel. 

     We’re all a work in progress.  What’s under construction in your life?  God’s got me working on my health this year—healthier eating habits and exercise has led to some modest, but encouraging results.  Repairing a particular relationship has grown in importance, with the realization of passing time. 

     Maybe it’s your marriage which is under construction…or reconstruction.  A friend just told me yesterday about her niece ending her marriage due to thorny communication issues.  I don’t know all the details, but I felt sad.  The church is sponsoring a yearly marriage conference on August 17th, and I invite all of you married women to participate, with your husbands, of course.  While one evening might not solve everything, it can be a needed shot in the arm, and a timely message you need to hear.  There’s something inspirational about seeing many other couples there who took that time to commit to their relationship and receive encouragement or teaching in this area.  We’ve gone in healthy years when we just needed a night out, and we’ve gone in difficult years when it was an act of faith. 

     Perhaps you’re feeling that general blah feeling of summer blues, and wondering about the right direction in your life.  I do.  Is your life intersection blocked, or detoured, or you’re not sure which way to turn?  The church is sponsoring a church-wide Bible study on purpose this Fall.    This is an ideal time to rejoin or lead a small group.  In the past, 50 Days of Transformation and The Beatitudes have been helpful studies in building our faith.  An additional bonus is both times my husband and I met and made new friends as well. 

     These are just a couple of opportunities for those of us “under construction.”  While projects in real time are often not completed according to my schedule, or patience, I know I have to “yield” to God’s will in my life for His result. 

3 thoughts on “Under Construction”

  1. I am grateful that you took the time & pushed through for God’s inspiration to bring a blessing to us. I look forward to these blogs. I particularly needed the yield part. Seems everywhere I go lately there’s construction.

  2. I do want to yield to God’s direction. It’s so hard sometimes! Especially when I want to lead the way instead.

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