Honoring the Fathers in Our Lives

          This blog is an early recognition for Father’s Day.   I’m honoring the three fathers in my life.

     My  father is 96 years old.  We’re hoping he makes it to 100.  He’s still bright as a tack, although slowing down physically, understandably.  He’s a former WWII vet, taught me right from wrong, taught me the value of education,  and taught me the importance of saving.  He also modeled healthy habits, which is probably why he’s so long-lived, and the importance of routine and order.  He wasn’t the perfect dad.   The focus on structure led to lots of control, inflexibility and a lack of patience.  I struggle with these issues, too.  Imagine that.  However, he was a doting and attentive grandfather to my three children, and spent many days taking them to museums, parks, and the mall.  Primarily, though, my dad made sure we were all in church every Sunday.  At times, his faith has faltered when he considers the state of the current world, but I am grateful that he established our family in the church during our formative years. 

     The second father in my life, to my children, of course, is my husband.  He is a loving, patient, encouraging father.  He often ran intervention with the kids when my patience was maxed out.  He modeled being a Godly leader, hard worker, but he was also the fun dad.  God knew what he was doing when he gave my husband an extra dose of patience, as he’s now the grandfather to a very challenging special needs grandson who absolutely dotes on his Grandpa.  Our grandson didn’t grow up with healthy male role models in his life, and now he will have the steady influence of a Grandpa who has the time to play games with him and teach him various skills.   The most important legacy my husband can instill in this child is love, trust, and respect toward a Heavenly Father.

     The third father in my life is the one I share with all of you.  Our Heavenly Father, who is really in first place, is the one who provided me with a dad who raised me in the church.  He provided me with a husband who follows Jesus and would be just the right dad for my children.  God himself loved these two men in vastly superior ways to my earthly ability, with all their flaws and imperfections as well.  Because of our Heavenly Father, these are men of courage, morality, faithfulness, and commitment. 

     God is the common thread in these two men’s lives (besides me!).  I want to recognize and honor the importance of fathers, and grandfathers, in our lives.  As with my grandson, I realize not everyone grew up with healthy role models, or may be missing a father or grandfather now who has left this earth.  However, we can also honor our Heavenly Father for providing the example for the men in our lives to follow. 

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  1. Wow, Jodi, that was beautifully written! My husband also had a WWII Vet dad (whom we sadly & suddenly lost last year at age 96-1/2). Thanks for sharing your loving tribute.

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