As I’ve watched the Winter Olympics the past two weeks, a good word to describe their hopes, their dreams, their goals, their wants, their attainment, their achievement is aspire.  While I’ve never had lofty Olympic gold medal goals, don’t we all want to get better at something, or succeed, or to at least try?

     Aspire is a good word choice for the upcoming Christian women’s conference hosted at Vineyard North Phoenix on Friday, March 2nd, at 7 p.m. (doors open early for coffee and shopping at 5 p.m.).  This is Vineyard’s first time hosting this conference.  It’s part revival, part one-night women’s retreat, part girls’ night out.  I’ve been fortunate to attend this event for several past years at other venues, and I’m writing to encourage you ladies to attend.  You’ve probably received the emails or heard about it, but perhaps you’ve been on the fence.  So, get off the fence and come along.  Tickets are available online at the Vineyard North Phoenix website.

     As we aspire to be better in many areas of our lives, perhaps our health, our relationships, our finances, we may equally aspire to be better in our spiritual lives as well.  There’s always something new to learn, relearn, or apply in our lives.  The Aspire conferences are encouraging and inspirational evenings which include worship, laughter, and teaching.  This year’s featured speaker is Lisa Whelchel, the actress from Facts of Life and outspoken Christian.

     Past topics have included marriage, faith, spiritual growth, overcoming adversity, and relationships.  Resource tables are available for purchasing books and other items, and they provide an opportunity to shop.  Food trucks will also be available for a quick bite to eat if you’re on the run from work. 

     This is an ideal opportunity to bring a friend or family member to.  I’ve also gone in the past and met up with other Vineyard women, or a small group might want to arrange to meet up earlier in the courtyard area.  If you’re on your “own,” feel free to meet up with me and a few ladies in front of the big chair in front of the sanctuary at 6 p.m.  Lines form quickly, so it’s best to arrive early for parking and finding others to sit with.  Looking forward to aspiring with you!

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