A Season of Giving!

I love the holiday season! Decorating the house and the tree, baking pies and cookies, family celebrating together and of course all the cheesy, B-rate, sappy holiday movies!!! It is always my goal to watch them all!!

The holiday season is such a special time to be grateful for those we love and for what we have. The “goodwill to all men” atmosphere that settles in makes me wish Christmas was yearlong.  The holidays truly are a time of thankfulness.

I would like to challenge you during this 2015 holiday season with all its hustle and bustle to plan to give something individually or as a family to express your gratitude to the Lord. Whether you give to the Salvation Army Santa, the Food Bank, a half-way house, our veterans, missions or even to a family in need. I challenge you to experience the joy of giving alms.

Alms are money or goods given to those in need and is money that is given beyond the tithe. Giving alms is kind of like dispensing mercy to others!

Little Grace Mwikali came into our lives when she was 5-years-old. Our youngest daughter Grace wanted to do something to change the world one child at a time, so she adopted Grace Mwikali through World Vision, she is now 12-year-old!

Through Grace Mwikali and our involvement with World Vision we began purchasing a goat for a family every year during the holiday season with our alms. A goat gives more than milk and cheese to a family, its manure helps fertilize their vegetable crops. This has become our holiday tradition for Mario and me.

There is such joy in giving alms to others. Year round we love the opens doors God gives us to help others whether it be secretly or personally; but there is a special joy during the holiday season when giving alms. I hope you will except this challenge and experience the joy it brings.

You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus,

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”

Acts 20:35b



As always, from my heart to yours,


Author: DaNetta Fernandez

I'm a woman who loves God, married to my best friend Mario. I believe life is a gift and should be lived with purpose. I am a mother, a Nana and an auntie. I love travel, audio books, hiking, cooking with Mario, baking, movies and just having fun!!!

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