When You Run Out

When You Run Out….

By Jodi Decker

I usually come up with original topics each month.  However, sometimes something you hear is so good, it just bears repeating.  This is how I felt about the recent Vineyard marriage conference.  I heard the right thing, at the right time. 

The marriage conference, held this past month, included engaged couples to 40+ years married.  It’s always encouraging to see other long time married couples still working to keep that spark in their marriage or to stay on course. 

The speakers discussed the story of Jesus turning the water into wine at the wedding.  Jesus performed a miracle at just the right time….when the wine ran out.  The speakers then took this example and compared it to our marriages.  Sometimes, you just need a miracle when you run out…in the case of marriages, maybe it’s run out of patience, or compassion, or trust, or respect, or understanding, or even love.  We can ask Jesus to provide that need when we feel it’s been exhausted in our human capacity.  When you’ve run out, it’s time to ask Jesus to perform that miracle for you. 

This lesson doesn’t just apply to married folk, of course.  We all face challenges where we run out of something, and it might have to do with a spouse, a child, a family member,  a co-worker, or a neighbor.  None of us are an endless source, and if we were, we wouldn’t need to call on Jesus to help us. 

The speakers reminded me that in the light of my challenge, I hadn’t thought of simply asking for more.  Oh, I prayed.  I prayed for a solution, all right.  But it hadn’t occurred to me that maybe while waiting for that solution to present itself, I needed more of Jesus to help me through it.  It’s so simple. 

When Jesus turned the water into wine, He even turned it into the best wine.  When we “run out,” we shouldn’t be looking for substitutions to simply get us through…we need to ask for Jesus’ best for us. 

For Vineyard women who are married and who might be seeking that little extra marriage boost, Vineyard hosts several small married couples’ groups.  My husband and I have had the opportunity to participate in two of them, now, and they’re very helpful…and no, it’s not just misery loves company!  (LOL).  Hearing other couples share their challenges and struggles, their victories, and their prayer requests, is an encouragement to others.  And when your marriage is in on solid ground, you can be the couple who stands in the gap for other marriages.  Further, if you feel you’ve completely “run out,” there is marriage ministry and counseling available.  I always recommend marriage counseling to others, unashamedly…been there, done that.

Heavenly Father…you know my need.  I’ve run out of…(love, respect, compassion, trust, patience, understanding.)  Please work a miracle for me and give me that which I’m lacking.  Amen.”



2 thoughts on “When You Run Out”

  1. “I’m not an endless source” I love that!

    Ron and I attended a marriage group by the invitation of our dear friend Roger. We just liked him and were looking for a group — any group — and his was close by.

    When Roger started asking people about the state of their marriages, I squeezed Ron’s hand really tight and gave him a tense look that said, “Don’t you dare saying anything!”

    Man, I didn’t want anyone to know my marriage wasn’t perfect!

    Well, we must be suckers for punishment or something good must’ve happened, because we ended up attending that small group for 5 years — and loving every minute and every person in it!

    Thanks for sharing the rich resources available for marriages in our church — especially Jesus!

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