Women of the Bible: Lessons Learned

Women of the Bible:  Lessons Learned

By Jodi Decker

                When you think of Lifetime channel movies…you think of cheesy, romantic comedies and chick flicks.  However, while I was channel searching, and I ran across this movie called Women of the BibleWomen of the Bible?  On Lifetime?  I don’t have a problem with mass media telling Bible stories, as long as they provide an accurate, truthful portrayal.  I was pleasantly surprised, and I learned a few new things.  So, since we are all women of the Bible—yes?—here are a few lessons learned.

                We start with Eve, the most famous woman in the Bible.  Have I ever been Eve?  I’d like to think I haven’t fallen for Satan’s evil ploys…but since I’m only human, and a sinner, I know I’ve been tempted and given into temptation.  Maybe I wasn’t tempted by becoming all-knowing,  but have I ever caused my husband to stumble?  What’s the lesson learned from Eve?  We have the freedom to choose…right from wrong, good from evil.  Thank you, Eve, for teaching us that lesson.

                Then there’s Sarah, who struggled with barrenness.  She decided to “help” God out, by lending her servant girl Hagar to Abraham, as a surrogate mother.  When Sarah was finally blessed with Isaac, his name meant laughter, because nothing is impossible.   Have I ever been Sarah?  Have I tried to help God by doing things my way, in my timing, only to have God provide immeasurably more than my own efforts could do?  What’s the lesson learned from Sarah?  God can do things without our help, and it’s more than we could anticipate.

                Rahab.  A prostitute.  Surely, I have nothing in common with that girl!  She protected the Israelite spies, and then when the Israelites marched on Jericho, God spared her.  Have I ever been Rahab?  Well, no, not literally, but there are certainly times I’ve felt that I wasn’t holy enough, good enough, or whatever enough, to follow God’s direction.  What’s the lesson learned from Rahab?  God can use anyone.   

                Delilah.  Have I ever been Delilah?  Thankfully, I’ve never convinced a man to cut his hair and give up all his God-given strength.  However, I’d never thought about Samson’s mother before.  She raised Godly children, only to see Samson led astray.  Have I ever been Samson’s mother?  Our adult “children” can make choices that we don’t always agree with.  What’s the lesson learned from Samson’s mother?  Keep praying.  Even during those heartbreaking choices, God’s not done with the story.

                Finally, there’s Mary Magadelene.  She became a follower of Jesus.  Her reputation and credentials wouldn’t usually be our first pick for a disciple of Christ.  Yet, she was the first person to announce Jesus’ resurrection.  Have I ever been a Mary Magadelene?   What’s the lesson learned from Mary Magadelene?  She shows us that we can announce Jesus, too.  Does my presence announce Jesus?

                So, in conclusion, we find many lessons from these women of the Bible.  We can be like them, too!

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