Taking Responsibility

I had a startling conversation with someone the other day.  It made me think.  The topic was feeling responsible for other people– the need to make decisions that not only benefit us, but work to build up the world around us; to make the world a better place.  Do we feel like our decisions impact the world around us?

Why don’t we feel more responsible for the world around us?  Will society as a whole stop belly gazing and take responsibility for it’s actions?  If we all acted more responsibly toward the people and the world around us, we would all be better off- we would all benefit.

If corporate executives viewed consumers as people, just like themselves, would their decision making change?  What if we all asked the question: How will this impact not only myself and my family but the people and the world around me? Perhaps if we asked questions like this more often, maybe other questions like “will this product cause cancer?” would already be answered.   Maybe questions like “Does this make me look fat?” would disappear, maybe people would no longer be objectified, maybe the earth would no longer be an object to be abused.

We are human- all of us- we all laugh, we all cry, even the CEO of Monsanto.  The earth is a living, breathing thing.  Maybe if we ALL used the the same level of thought on others that we use on ourselves, we could make this world a better place.

Do to others as you would have them do to you (Luke 6:31) at home and in the work place and we’ll cut out a lot of the extra concern,  like trying to figure out if something could potentially harm us, simply because another human being cared.

Author: Erica Petrowski

Married for over 15 years and a stay at home mother of 4. I have a bachelor's degree in Interior Design, an associates degree in fine arts and years of experience in customer service. I rededicated my life to Jesus in 2000, & hail from Long Island New York. My Husband and I moved to Arizona in January of 2011.

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