Ways to Make a Difference

Almost everyone I know wants to make a difference … in their own lives, in the lives of those around them and beyond.

But how?

 How can we make a difference when we are overwhelmed with life’s problems, tripped up by challenges and some days, just happy to make it through?

 I started thinking about some of the things I have personally done that have a made a difference in my life, and what others have done for me. Here in random order are some ways to make a difference right where you are today:

  1.  Invest in your own God-given talents, abilities and strengths.  God’s calling on your own life is just as valid an investment as any mission venture you might give to.  This might mean taking classes, purchasing a better computer, taking a trip or spending time developing a skill. 
  2. Finish what you start.     This applies to everything, from putting away clean laundry to a big project.
  3. Write thank you notes.
  4. Ask someone else for their opinion.  Wise counsel benefits you, and shows you value the other person.
  5. Surprise someone with their favorite drink.   (Starbucks Gingerbread Latte for me)
  6. Remember birthdays and anniversaries –   Remembering the difficult ones may mean even more to people.
  7. Buy pizza for some teenagers just because.
  8. Share God’s Word with people who are hurting.
  9. Ask about people’s children.
  10. Don’t offer your opinion right away in a conversation.
  11. Be generous with encouragement and praise.
  12. Keep your promises.
  13. Admit when you are wrong.
  14. Bring someone flowers from your garden in a tin can (recycle).
  15. Pray about little things, and then tell someone when God answers.

 That’s my list for today.  I’d love to hear how someone has made a difference to you.

In His Love,


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