8 Staples

That is what was on the top of my son’s head.   It looked horrible.  I could show you a picture, but we were taking our camera in to see how much it would cost to fix, when Luke fell from a stool all the way to the floor and cut his head on a bottom shelf at the Ritz camera store. There was so much blood that Luke and our daughter Zoe both began crying loudly.  I was gasping and trying to tell my husband that I thought his head looked flatter in the back than normal (without Luke hearing).  My husband was trying to get all of us to “dial down” and to press towels on the back of Luke’s head in order to stop the bleeding.  We went to a close Urgent Care facility and they sent us to a children’s hospital. A few hours later, Luke was sporting what will probably be quite a scar on his head.  Maybe his hair will completely cover it—which would be great—unless he ends up being one of those guys who shaves his head and I’ll probably always feel guilty every time I see that scar.


When Luke was in the emergency room with two nurses holding him down while the doctor cleaned the wound and put in the staples, he was crying out to me, “Mommy.  Help me.  Mommy, help me!”  I was crying too.  It made me think how horrible it would have been for God the Father to see the torment Christ went through on the cross—the beatings, the lashes, the effort to breathe while nailed to the cross. How could you even see your own son like that!?  That makes me cry too.  God has been through so much!


This I know.  We have a God who sees us through.  He is there for us and hurts with us when we hurt.  He is a good father.


Here at the Vineyard, we are real women living everyday life with a real God to help us, and I know I couldn’t make it without Him.  Life is just too complex.


Bless you as you live this day! (And remember not to let you children sit on stools in cameras stores.)


Author: Thora Anderson

Pastor, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Recovering worrier, Thinker, Mother of two teenagers. I've been in ministry for over 30 years and count that as huge success.

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