Choose well

I recently had a conversation with a young Christian woman. She was beautiful in appearance, extremely intelligent and capable; however, the more we conversed, the more I realized there was a huge problem. Her life […]

The Big Picture!

Recently I was having a heart-to-heart conversation with God expressing how I did not understand why things have to happen. There are times I honestly just don’t get it! A few days later I came […]

Spa Day for the ONE!!

On May 5th I had the honor of volunteering at Vineyard’s Single Mom’s Spa Day!!  What sounds like a rather Phoo Phoo event is nothing short of miraculous and certainly birthed straight from the Heart […]

Until It Hurt

Have you ever heard the expression, “give until it hurts”? Last Saturday, my friend Amber and I, along with 200 more volunteers, had a chance to experience this very feeling when we participated in VCNPs […]

Proverbs 22:6 and one part of VCNP’s heart for children…

” Train  a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it”… Have you ever really stopped to think about the power behind this promise? I […]

Making a Difference

Can I really make a difference? I asked myself that very question a few weekends ago, when my family joined a group of Christians who went to visit an orphanage in Rocky Point, Mexico. The […]

Family Service

On Saturday,February 25th, I had the pleasure of participating in a service opportunity with my oldest daughter. It was the Glendale Community Outreach in which our Vineyard partnered with the City of Glendale for a […]

Who is My Neighbor?

Who is My Neighbor? Have you ever had the thought, “Who is my neighbor?” We often say that in the Christian world, but I’m not sure most of us think of our actual physical neighbors […]

Thirst No More

I was listening to K-LOVE recently and they were talking about people in Rwanda who do not have clean water.  Parents have to make the decision between giving their children water to drink that may […]