Spa Day for the ONE!!

On May 5th I had the honor of volunteering at Vineyard’s Single Mom’s Spa Day!!  What sounds like a rather Phoo Phoo event is nothing short of miraculous and certainly birthed straight from the Heart […]

Until It Hurt

Have you ever heard the expression, “give until it hurts”? Last Saturday, my friend Amber and I, along with 200 more volunteers, had a chance to experience this very feeling when we participated in VCNPs […]

Making a Difference

Can I really make a difference? I asked myself that very question a few weekends ago, when my family joined a group of Christians who went to visit an orphanage in Rocky Point, Mexico. The […]

WE and WFW

 These are some thoughts on my mind…Women on Wednesday…Wonderful Fun Women…Wednesday’s Fabulous Women…or… Women Full of Worship…or WE:  Worship, Connect, Learn. You might have guessed I am thinking of what is coming up this Wednesday, […]

Someone Who Gets You

The other day, I drove by a Starbucks on my way back from church. I saw a group of women sitting at one of the outdoor tables. They were sipping their coffee drinks and seemed […]

Girl’s Night Out Here We Come!!!

Did you ever wish you had experienced the 1950’s?  (Penny loafers, rolled jeans, poodle skirts, Elvis, leather jackets?)   Have you been hoping for an event you can invite your “pre-Christian” friends to which will be […]